Last Friday, it was reported that A$AP Bari‘s sexual assault case stemming from November 2017 has been dismissed. The LA County District Attorney’s office stated that the alleged rape case was tossed because Bari’s alleged victim has ceased to go on with the investigation.

Now, A$AP Bari has sued the woman, TMZ reports. Bari claims that the woman told police officers on the night of the alleged incident that he did not sexually assault her. He is reportedly suing her for “defamation and civil extortion for allegedly pressuring him into settling.”

The video of the alleged incident surfaced on the Internet in July 2017. Shortly after that, Nike cut ties with Bari’s VLONE label. In November of the same year, the woman sued Bari for over $1 million USD, followed by his arrest in May 2018 in London on two counts of sexual assault. It is currently unclear if the London incident and the tossed L.A. case are connected in any way.

Stay tuned for more news from this. In other music news, Kendrick Lamar joins 2018 Made In America festival lineup.

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