This once weekend, VLONE blazoned that it has parted ways withCo-FounderA$ AP Bari. In an Instagram post, the marker officially blazoned that it’s no longer associated with Jabari Shelton, more known asA$ AP “ Younglord ” Bari.

The statement doesn’t explicitly note the reason, but it does state “ will not partake in any illogical geste He has no authority to term himself as ‘Mr. Vlone, ’ use or certify VLONE – this geste is contrary to our collaborative. ” VLONE also took the chance to cement the prevailing morality it follows.

VLONE is the stamp for creatives

who stand altitudinous, thriving on individuality, minding lower about conformity that has long governed the fashion style of society. produce your own swish rules, set your own trend, bed your own morale in which you can express yourself creatively without limitations. In the new period of VLONE, our brand will embrace distinctive creatives, who defy the norm and inspire the willing.

Back in 2017,A$ AP Bari faced serious sexual assault allegations that redounded in Nike cutting ties with VLONE and canceling a series of planned footwear releases.

Catch VLONE’s Instagram post officially publicizing that it has parted ways withA$ AP Bari below.

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